Why Join BCC

Why Join BCC

Mission Statement:

To be a catalyst for increasing purchases from local African American-owned businesses by public and private sectors and build an abundant funding source for these businesses.

Vision Statement:
To create within the local public and private sectors a procurement environment in which the inclusion of local African American-owned businesses is mandatory, indispensable, and provided readily available funding.

During the past few months, the organizing committee of the Business Contracting Consortium (BCC) has discussed how to secure more contracts with the City of Memphis, Shelby County, Shelby County Schools and the private sector. These were tough, challenging conversations but we are pleased that they are bearing fruit.

In our talks, we found that the Mayor of Memphis, his Chief of Staff, Housing and Community Development (HCD), Chamber of Commerce representatives, and the Superintendent of Shelby County Schools all agree that African American businesses simply must receive substantially more contracts. All agree that the present state of affairs is unacceptable.

To briefly demonstrate the shortfall, EDGE Pilots have generated $2,000, 000,000 ($2 Billion) in contracts. Only a few million have been awarded to African Americans. Recently, the City of Memphis was awarded a $25 million contract to secure body cameras for its police officers. African American companies received zero opportunities to provide those cameras. Actually, the City of Memphis spent $10 million less with African Americans in 2014 than it did 2013.

Others cannot and will not present our case for us. The independent voice of African American businesses must be heard. We must strategize and organize to make it so. Organization is the absolute prerequisite of progress.  This organization will open the door to furthering our negotiations. Don’t you agree?

Together we can do better for ourselves, our communities and Memphis. Become a Charter Member of a new day in Memphis.  Over 100 connected business leaders have participated in our activities, thus far. One hundred more are being recruited.  This is your opportunity to join a vital movement. 

We believe in our hearts it’s the right thing to do and in our minds, we know it’s the right time.
Please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and join us.